Children’s Area

Children’s Activity Area

Children's AreaThe  Grant Henriksen Memorial Fund hosts the Children’s Activity Area every year and they will have all of the fun arts and craft kids have come to love: giant legos, wikistix and, of course, face painting!

Thank you to Natural OrganizingMichael’s Homes, National Coatings, Serv-Pro of the Upper Peninsula and David Allan Masonry for generously sponsoring the children’s activity area in 2017.

All of the donations raised in the children’s area go to the Grant Henriksen Memorial Fund.

About the Grant Henriksen Memorial Fund

Families have many different types of expenses, including the possible loss of income during their child’s battle against cancer. This fund was originated because of the Henriksen’s personal experiences in fighting their own battle against childhood cancer.

For over two years the Henriksen family traveled back and forth from the UP to Ann Arbor and Madison for weekly chemotherapy treatments and multiple surgeries. They found that being able to take their child to dinner or a movie or a simple family outing, such as an arcade, became extremely important during this time. Most times it was necessary to take lodging to and from hospital stays. All of these expenses are not technically considered medical expenses, but the Henriksen’s did consider them to be necessary.

Without help from others in the community, their family struggles would have been even greater during the most difficult time imaginable.

All of the money raised for the Grant Henriksen Memorial Fund money is donated without stipulations on how the funds are used and is entirely confidential. All they ask is that the family you are requesting the funds for will use the money for what is best for the child and his/her family.

The GHMF sells NO Oscar T-Shirts and Golf Shirts year round. However, the primary source of money raised comes in during The Annual GHMF Golf Scramble. For more information about the fund, how you can help someone you may know or to participate in this year’s scramble contact The Grant Henriksen Memorial Fund at (906) 250-0051 or (906) 271-0400, email: